Milford Hall CC offers a range of cricket options to suit everyone's lifestyle and offers great value for money :

Our 4 teams play in the South Staffordshire Premier league on Saturday afternoons this offers the serious cricketer a chance to play competitive cricket at a high level without travelling to far from home.

Our 1st team are in the Premier League, 2nd team in division, 3rd team in division 4, the 4th team are in division 6

New for 2022 our Sunday XI is playing in the local Stone League which is open to a range of ages and abilities and a great entry point for those wanting to rejoin the game they love on a recreational basis.


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Senior Cricket Code Of Conduct

Adhere to the rules of the game.

Do not cheat or condone cheating of any description.

Do not bring the game into disrepute.

Respect your club, the facilities, your team mates and spectators.

Respect the opposition, their facilities, their players and spectators.

Respect the laws of the game.

Respect the umpires decision and the scorers invaluable in-put.

Do not argue with the officials (umpires and scorers) or other players.

Appreciate all good play from both teams.

Appreciate the efforts of supporting roles that enable a cricket match to take place (i.e. Ground staff, Teas).

Shake hands with your opponents at the end of the match.

Keep control of your emotions.

No swearing.

Turn up promptly for training and matches, and where this is not possible, inform your captain that your are going to be late.

Support your captain and respect the decision made.

Make sure your captain is aware well in-advance of unavailability for fixtures.

Do not (within reason) call off from a match within 24 hours of the match taking place.

Do not borrow other players equipment without consent.

Enjoy the social aspect of the game.

Do not take or use any banned substances.

Payment of membership subscriptions must be paid in full or a payment plan in place before the start of the season, otherwise you are not available for selection.

Payment of match fees must be paid on the day of the game.

Talk to your teammates, captain or a member of the committee if you have a problem or are concerned by something.

Notify your captain or a member of the committee if you notice something untoward or suspicious.

Smile and enjoy your cricket.